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As the winter approaches, you should begin preparing your vehicle for the new season. The cold weather of the winter can not only change the conditions of the road but can also add an increased amount of stress on the components of your vehicle. Therefore, making sure that your vehicle is prepared for the change in temperature will help you to increase the longevity of your vehicle.

Inspect and Replace Your Vehicle’s Battery
The materials that are used to make car batteries make them sensitive to cold weather. Colder temperatures reduce the power that batteries are able to supply to vehicles. Therefore, you should inspect your car’s battery before the winter arrives and make sure that it has enough power to power your vehicle throughout the winter. As you inspect your car’s battery, check its overall condition and make sure that it isn’t leaking or that its parts aren’t corroding.

Car batteries typically last around two to three years before they become worn out. A car’s battery is an essential component during the ignition process of the vehicle. Therefore, a dead car battery will prevent a car from starting, leaving its driver stranded. Consider replacing your car battery if it is older or if it isn’t producing as much power for your vehicle.

Equip Your Vehicle with a Set of Winter Tires
If it regularly snows in your area, or if you expect it to snow in your area over the winter, then you should switch the tires on your vehicle to a set of winter tires. Winter tires are designed to provide optimal traction on surfaces that are covered with snow and ice. The construction of winter tires allows them to expel water, snow, and ice more efficiently than summer tires and all-season tires. The soft rubber compounds that are used to construct winter tires allow the tires to remain flexible when the weather is cold as well.

Service Your Vehicle’s Brake System
It is always important for your vehicle to have adequate stopping power, but it is even more crucial when the roads are covered in snow and ice. The brake pads and brake rotors of your vehicle are part of an entire system of components, including brake lines and brake fluid. Have your vehicle’s brake system serviced before the winter arrives so that its brakes can perform well when you need them to.

Change Your Vehicle’s Fluids
Your vehicle relies on several different fluids to provide adequate performance for you. Check your vehicle’s fluids before the winter arrives and replace any fluids that have broken down or are contaminated. Keeping your vehicle filled with fresh fluids will allow it to run smoothly, reliably, and efficiently.

Prepare an Emergency Kit
You should keep an emergency kit in your vehicle during the winter in case you experience issues with your vehicle. You can include whatever items you believe will be necessary for you during an emergency, but keep a set of jumper cables and some warm clothes in the kit. Alternatively, consider purchasing a jumper box for your vehicle in case you cannot find another driver to help you jump start your vehicle if its battery dies. Non-perishable food items, a jerry can, a flashlight, and road flares are also additional items that will help you during an emergency situation in the winter.

Keep Your Vehicle’s Tires Inflated
Tires lose their air pressure at a faster rate during the winter as a result of the drop in temperature. It is important for your vehicle’s tires to have the proper amount of air in them so that they can perform as they are designed to and provide your vehicle with ample traction. Therefore, you will need to check the tire pressure of your vehicle and have its tires inflated more frequently during the winter.

Preparing your vehicle for the winter is a process that will maintain the condition of the vehicle throughout the winter and keep you safe as well. Visit us at Rhinelander Buick GMC so that we can provide you with our dependable products and services. We have a team of skilled technicians at our dealership who work on a range of vehicles and will make sure that your vehicle has what it needs to continue running smoothly.

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